Yoona wanted to say Kwon Yul (her husband’s name in Prime Minister & I), but mistakenly said Kwon Yuri :D


♡ SNSD’S 7th Anniversary Messages ♡


New poem! This was inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s, The Little Prince. Hope you like it! xo Lang 

Girls’ Generation x Mean Girls (inspo.)

Hi, this is Jessica. I am having a great time with this collection and I hope I can see all of you guys at my China fan meeting. Thanks, see you soon!

Do you think her decision was selfish? 
1) ” Hul, swearing on broadcast…. How could she think of doing that when the camera’s recording lights are on…”

2) ” Sulli is even worse… She laughs so awkwardly, keeps a stone cold face, loses focus on the conversation, fidgets in her seat… It made me, a viewer, so uncomfortable watching her. I will never watch another show with Sulli on it again. ”

3) “For Sulli… It’s just expected for her to half a$$ her choreography.. Nothing new or surprising here.”

4) “Must be easy living her life considering you can lose weight with shots, date around with EXO, and half a$$ your performances on stage ”

5) ” I feel sorry now for hating on Sulli for half a$$ing her stage… Dating Choiza, I can imagine why she’d have no strength to perform on stage… I understand~~~”

6) “I guess it’s because of “that” that her mouth is looking bigger.
Choi Jinri ♥Big Pen—

7) “If all of this is goind down the drain because of Sulli, she is seriously so, so irresponsible

8) She is pregnant! 

Would you smile happily after this?
Sulli is getting hate since last year.
She is tired, sad and broken and even in that codition she requested SM to drop the lawsuit against the girl who made malicious rumors about her

I’m sure Luna, Amber, Krystal and Victoria are supporting her. F(amily) is strong. 
We have to be patience.
Our baby is not ok and she needs this break. 

We’ll be there for her, right? :) 

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