the difference in the way they sit

Sone… Just for today, I want to act like an idol, and be embarrassing, and say I love you… Thank you for always being next to me. You don’t have to reassuringly, silently stay behind us anymore. Don’t get hurt for us be standing in front of us like a shield either. Next to us, like a friend, family, and member. Be together with us like that from now on. I’m always grateful and love you. You know nothing can break all the time soshi and sone have shared, right? I’ve always been grateful and am grateful. I’m never going to take those feelings lightly. Thank you. I love you. I’ll work harder and make it so we can be happier together. I mean it. Sone, to me. And to SNSD, are precious people. You’re going to be from now on as well. I love you." - Sunny (140827)

i’m in love with the hero

las vegas photobook dvd: pool

Yuri taking one for the team. (Or two.)

When Seohyun tried on clothes for too long…

yoona for w korea's september issue